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Welcome to my Ruby on Rails projects site

Of the few books I've read on Ruby on Rails, I thought the best one was Agile Web Development with Rails by Dave Thomas and David Heinemeier Hansson (yes, himself). If you want to learn how to build an online store in Ruby on Rails, get this book.

However, after reading and doing the Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial, I changed my mind. With this single book, I learned about Git, Github, Heroku, bundler, REST routing and resources, and test-first coding and Rspec, all delivered so exquisitely simple by a master teacher (Michael Hartl). Trust a highly respected teacher to present abstract ideas in the simplest way possible.

I also like the application (Slideshow) you get to develop in Rails: Up and Running by Bruce Tate and Curt Hibbs. There are some cool AJAX there. Speaking of Hibbs, the first tutorial I followed to get my first taste of Rails was his Rolling with Ruby on Rails Revisited, part 1 and part 2. Bruce Tate's Beyond Java is where I first came across and became intrigued with Rails.

RailsSpace by Michael Hartl (again) and Aurelius Prochazka is one great book. If you want to learn more about Rails, especially ActiveRecord (over and beyond has_and_belongs_to_many), build a social networking site (the RailsSpace app).

Perhaps you have heard of Charice, the little girl who became a Youtube singing sensation and was invited to guest at Ellen Degeneres', Paul O'Grady's and Oprah's shows. I was doing the RailsSpace project but the urge to develop a site for her became irresistible: she keeps getting dragged to perform on Philippine TV shows at a moment's notice when she deserves a full orchestra with a backup choir every time she performs. They cannot see a gem when it's staring them in the face. Halfway through the book I realized what I'm working on could be the groundwork for the site. ChariceSpace is the result. I invite you to check it out to know more about Charice.

There are now a lot of Ruby on Rails tutorials online, so to those who are tardy to the party (like me) and feel reluctant about abandoning hard-earned Java skills, there is no need to plunge headlong in reckless abandon. With the profusion of tutorials, you can just dip your toes first to feel the water's warmth. Before you know it, you are already wading waist-deep and soon you are floating effortlessly, carried by the soothing currents of Rails.

I keep emailing myself whenever I hit a wall or achieve a breakthrough so I won't have to repeat myself if I forgot what I just did. As my mail grew, I figured I better put them in one convenient place together with the projects I am doing to learn Ruby on Rails. That is the reason for this site.

These are learning projects; I have no intention of releasing these projects into production. The source code for these projects are in my Github account.

This site is best viewed using Firefox Chrome; I tried testing my CSS code on other browsers but it is in Firefox Chrome that I tested this site the most.

I am in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with time on my hands, hence this site.